• Name of Director :Mr. Lawal Mikail Adebola


i.To formulate and implement policies on Technical and Vocational Education in the state to ensure the adaption in the State as much as possible of all polices formulated by the National Board for Technical Education
ii. To undertake formal and informal periodic reviews of the program curricula and syllabus of the Technical Colleges and Vocational Centres in the State and ensure that they conform to the national and international standards.
iii.To provide relevant functional and accessible Technical and Vocational Education of relevant professional occupations.
iv.To inquire into and advise the Governor and Commissioner on the financial needs of Technical Colleges to enable them meet the objectives of producing trained manpower for the state.
v. To make recommendations for the establishment and location of new Technical Colleges and Vocational Centres as and where necessary.
vi.To act as the agency for channeling all, internal and external grants to Government Science and Technical College and Vocational Centres in the State.
vii.To acquire equipment and other materials for the achieving the purpose for the establishment of the Board.
viii.To recommend to the Commissioner, ways of insulating in the public proper attitude and respect for Vocational and Technical Education.
ix.To consider any matter pertaining to Vocational and Technical Education as may be referred to it by the Commissioner from time to time.
x. To upgrade existing facilities for Technical and Vocational Education in the State up to the standard set in the State and National Policies for Technical and Vocational Education.
xi.To undertake periodic reviews of the terms and conditions of service of personnel of Government Science and Technical Colleges and Vocational Centres and to make recommendations thereon to the Commissioner.
xii.To lay down standard of skills to be attained and continually review such standards as necessitated by technological and national needs.
xiii.. To carry out such other activities as are conducive to the discharge of its functions under this law.