• Name of Director : Mr. Majekodunmi, Oluwole Olusanjo


The Special Needs Education Department in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is responsible for the management, planning, policy making and implementation of programmes and activities for children, adolescents and adults with sensory, behavioural disorders, intellectual and physical developmental disabilities. In these categories are persons with visual limitation/ impairments (Blind and Partially Sighted), the auditory challenged (the deaf and hard of hearing), the autistic and mobility restricted as well as persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
• Quality Assurance and Administration of the Five Public Special Primary Schools.
a) Administration of subsistence allowance and complementary meals for both boarders and day learners.
b) Monitoring of personnel, management of vocational education and technical development among the learners.
c) Overseeing the cognitive, psychomotor and affective development of the learners.
• Administration of Eight (8) Cooperating Secondary Schools.
a) Assisting the personnel management of the Special educators.
b) Collaborating with appropriate department in the administration of scholarship to learners in Cooperating Secondary Schools.
c) Promotion of vocational education among the learners in Cooperating Secondary Schools.
• Technical and Administrative tasks for Gateway Braille Press.
a) Transcription of conventional materials and text books for the benefit of the Visually Impaired Persons.
b) Brailing of examination materials in Unified Examination and Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).
c) Brailing of materials for the use of library by Visually Impaired Persons.
• Counselling and referral services to Persons with Disabilities and the general public.
• Process of Placement, admission and transition to Secondary Education.
• Organization of the Special Education calendars for all Persons with Disabilities i.e. Braille day, Wheelchair day, Special Education Teachers day, World Autism Awareness Day etc
• Collaboration with relevant Agencies, Ministries and organization i.e. SUBEB, UBEC, USFP, CBM etc
• General correspondence and statutory functions in day-to-day running of the department.