• Name of Director : Mrs. Agbaje, Oludare Oyenike


i. Monitoring of Schools’ Resumption on termly basis;
ii. Monitoring Quality Assurance in Schools by organizing all forms of Inspections visits to schools;
iii. Investigating all petitions involving primary and secondary schools addressed to the Ministry;
iv. Organizing and attendance of Capacity Building/Workshops and Seminars for all cadres of teachers in the school system;
v. Organizing Annual Conference for the development of Teachers and Education Officers;
vi. Organizing monthly statutory meetings of Professional Officers and Zonal Education Officers;
vii. Appraisal of PTA Voluntary donation request;
viii. Collating of monthly reports of activities of all twenty (20) Zonal Education Offices;
ix. Attending Workshops and Seminars on Quality Assurance organized by the Federal Ministry of Education;
x. Monitoring of Zonal Education Offices’ activities;
xi. Carrying out full inspection on schools across the State;
xii. Organizing and coordinating operation visitations to Primary, Secondary and GSTCs in the State;
xiii. See to the planning of Hon. Commissioner’s tour to the twenty (20) Zonal Education Offices;
xiv. Appraisal of reports of the various inspections conducted by all the twenty (20) zones;
xv. Monitoring MDGs capacity building workshop organized by the National Teachers Institute for Primary School Teachers;
xvi. Carrying out other duties or functions as the Ministry may prescribe from time to time.