• Name of Director : Dr. Olanloye, Waheed Adetunji


i. Registration of six (6) years old children into Public Primary School.
ii. Collection/collation of pupils’ enrolment in Primary Schools.
iii. Approval of Private Schools and Community run Schools for takeover by Government.
iv. Monitoring the payment of Annual Renewal Fee.
v. Rendering of returns on various payment to the Revenue Board/Treasury. Cash Office as at when due (Application, Inspection, Approval and Renewal Fee).
vi. Clampdown exercise on illegal Private Schools to guard against proliferation of substandard and unapproved Schools.
vii. If appointed, the Director of Education (P&HE) represents the Ministry on the Governing Board of Private/State Owned Tertiary Institution(s).
viii. Attending to various letters/correspondence emanating from tertiary Institutions (state, federal and private).
ix. Attending to various letters/correspondence emanating from organizations and the general Public on issues relating to Primary Schools Education.
x. Preparation of memo to His “Excellency for the release of monthly subvention to the State Owned Tertiary Institutions.
xi. Students’ Welfare Insurance Scheme for Pupils of Public Primary Schools.
xii. Coordination of Admission by Transfer into Public Primary schools in Ogun State.