• Name of Director : Mr. Odeyemi, Johnson Olugbile


The Department is responsible for the following functions:
i. Designing, producing new learning, teaching methodologies as well as Instructional materials necessary for the realization of objectives as stated in the National curriculum.
ii. Development and review of subject syllabus.
iii. Review of Textbooks with a view to selecting suitable books for use at Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels of education including Government Science and Technical Colleges.
iv. Evaluation of Certificates (Foreign and Local) for establishments and corporations for purposes of appointments and promotions.
v. Organisation and encouragement of Subject Associations in schools for the purpose of involving them in the process of Curriculum Development.
vi. Organisation and participation in workshops/seminars on curriculum development for primary and secondary levels of education.
vii. Assist in the Organisation of Competitions:
a) Mathematics Olympiad by National Mathematical Centre, Abuja.
b) Mathematics Competition by Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN).
viii. Implementation of examination ethics, policies and actions.
ix. Conduct of the following State Examinations:
a) Basic Education Certificate Examination;
b) Unified Examination in Public Secondary Schools;
c) Government, Science and Technical Colleges End of Course Examination.
d) Screening Test into the State Junior Secondary Schools class one with boarding facilities.
e) Entrance Examination into State Model Colleges.
f) Placement Test into the State Neighbourhood Junior Secondary Schools.
x. Issuance of Certificates:
a. First School Leaving Certificates to willing Primary six pupils;
b. Grade II certificates.
c. Modern III Certificates.
xi. Coordination of the Ogun Digiclass activities.