• Name of Director :Mr. Lawal Mikail Adebola


i.To eradicate illiteracy in all ramifications.
ii. Organising and carrying out literacy programmes which shall include reading, writing, civic and numeracy for Adults and Youths in the State.
iii.Developing in the Adults, the ability to use skills acquired to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their social and physical environment in order to improve their standard of living.
iv. Developing the Adults, the attitude and commitment towards active participation in the transformation of their immediate locality and the Nation at large.
v.To provide vocational skill training for Youths and empowerment of women folks outside the formal school system.
vi.To provide opportunity for Continuing Education and Remedial Programmes for young people who have dropped out of the formal school system or failed the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE).
vii.To serve as a bridge and source of enlightment between the government and the governed.
viii.To serve as a link between the State, NMEC and International Agencies such as UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP and other world Donor Agencies particularly in the areas of non-formal education.
ix. To serve as an agent for Mass mobilization and self-reliant through learning.