• Name of Director : Mrs. Olaleye, Monsurat Ajibola


The Department is saddled with the following functions:
i. Coordination of promotion of eligible members of staff with the approval of the Civil Service Commission.
ii. Preparation of Annual Manpower requirements for the Ministry iii. Maintenance of up to date records of all Staff.
iv. Recruitment of junior staff into the Ministry with the approval of the Governor v. Payment of Bursary Award to qualified students of Ogun State origin in tertiary institutions.
vi. Liaising with the Federal Scholarship Board for the conduct of Federal Scholarship programmes in Ogun State.
vii. Providing information towards registration of students of Ogun State origin for Commonwealth Scholarship and Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards.
viii. Payment of Scholarship to physically – challenged students. ix. Facilitation of statutory duties with respect to Establishments and Training matters.
x. Processing of pension and gratuity to retired staff.
xi. Covering of the weekly Management Meeting of the Ministry.
xii. Provision of logistics for the weekly management meeting of the Ministry xiii. Staff Discipline and Welfare Matters.
xiv. Management and Maintenance of vehicles, building and other office utilities.
xv. Posting of Corps Members to Government Vocational and Technical Colleges and Government Science and Technical Colleges in Ogun State.